Do you need Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning Services ?

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September 12, 2020
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Post Construction Cleaning After Your Home Renovation

The concept of home improvement, home renovation, or remodeling is quite a process, and once completed the

final result should be quite a satisfying one, however after the renovation part is done (not forgetting to mention the
hours and sweat you had to go through) the work is still not over. It’s clean-up time and that’s where My Cleaning Force
 comes in. Once you scroll through this short article make sure you check out 5 things to Look for when
choosing a house cleaning service.

How Post Construction Cleaning is done? 

 After every Post-construction renovation or construction plan, your main focus should always be the project itself,
instead of worrying about all the time you will spend cleaning up when the project is finished.

With My Cleaning Force post-construction cleaning service we will ensure the cleaning part is all taken care of.
 Our Cleaning experts and maids have the experience, equipment and ability to make sure everything is
cleaned in a proper manner.

Cleaning up after a renovation takes experience and knowledge. This kind of cleaning is done to the whole
facility/home from top to bottom; it doesn’t just simply means sweeping of floor, cleaning the carpet, and other
visible areas. Below are some of the cleaning requirements that need to be addressed at the site:

  • The walls are clean and free from marks, dirt, and smudges
  • Power washing and cleaning of windows and frames
  • Plastic/sticker removal from furniture, windows, and doors
  • Dusting, wet and dry, of ceilings, lights, fans, heaters
  • Floors, that are free from debris, especially on edges and corners, are clean and polished
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Trim cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Cleaning of all appliances, cabinets, and shelves from inside and out
    Proper disposal of trash and debris
  • Addressing any safety issues, loose wires, and leaks, to the construction contractors
  • Detailed checking, for the last time, of all the space, corners, and inner surfaces once the cleaning is completely done

Also for more information check out 5 things to look for before selecting a post construction cleaning service.

Want to learn more about our renovations home cleaning services? 

We have a special 3 phase process for this type of cleaning service that is followed by our cleaning experts to make sure the job is done right. Please check out our Home renovation cleaning services offered.

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