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September 12, 2020
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire move out cleaning service help

Move out cleaning service

If you are moving out, whether, from your house or apartment, it is imperative for the place to be clean after moving.

There are two choices for you to choose from when it comes to cleaning your apartment before moving out, either clean it on your own or hire a professional move-out cleaning service. We understand how crucial is for one to move residences and that is why we recommend hiring an apartment deep cleaner.  Once this is completed the only thing you have to worry about is settling into your new place!

1. How much does a move out clean typically cost?

The cost is usually determined by a professional by the square feet of the home, amount of rooms that need to be cleaned, and if there are any renovations done to the house ( check our renovation cleaning section for more info).
Once these questions have been answered you can get an accurate estimate price and we do the rest.

2. What is included in a move out clean?

A standard move-out clean mainly includes cleaning every part of the space. Deep cleaning is also required in some areas like cabinets and drawers, countertops, and appliances. Everything will be dusted and doors will be spot cleaned. Heavy traffic surface areas in your kitchen and bathrooms will get sanitized.

3. Great Savings with Time and Effort

How much of your day do you have to allocate to cleaning your apartment from top to bottom? Do you have the skills needed to efficiently clean it? What about tools and solutions, do you have them at hand for this purpose too? 

Cleaning your house before you leave will take a lot of time and energy. We understand that you have more important things to do so…..

If you need help saving time, our cleaning experts at My Cleaning Force can help you get a free estimate. Call us for more information and to check our coverage areas in Florida.

4. Is Move-Out Cleaning Worth it?

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a move-out cleaning service. Get the help you deserve and take that stress off your list of things to do. It’s an important step of relocating to a new home and we can assist to ease the process.

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