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Post Construction Cleaning Service

5 things to look for before selecting a post construction cleaning service

Post Construction Cleaning Service

         There’s no way around it; whenever a construction project takes place, a substantial amount of mess is bound to occur. Instead of trying to get your construction crew to figure out how to clean up the mess, you should seek out experts who have the equipment and training necessary to clean up your construction site. Let us show you how to hire a post-construction cleaning company to help you.

1. Conduct Initial Research

         Before hiring a cleaning company, you should investigate them thoroughly. You can easily compare cleaning companies online by looking at their reputations/reviews, reading about the specific services they provide, and—most importantly—calculating how much they will cost you. We always recommend looking at positive reviews from other customers on their review section. Your initial call should be a pleasant one with a lot of information about the services offered and you should request a initial quote price.

2. Collect References

         Once you’ve decided on a few cleaning businesses that meet the fundamental requirements of your construction site’s cleanup requirements, the subsequent step is to get in touch with or seek out evaluations from former clients. You’ll learn how well a cleaning company executes its services by reading these evaluations, so you will know if they are meeting the standards they advertise. A third-party endorsement is a good indicator of the quality of service you may


3. Complete all work before your post construction cleaning crew arrives.

         It is critical to clean as you go, but it is best if the post-construction cleaners finish the job. Cleaning should occur after the job is entirely finished, so all construction and painting must be finished prior to the construction clean-up crew visiting the site. If this isn’t possible, a rough clean up should be done prior to painting and finishing, and a final clean can be done after all of the finishing work is done.


4. Know that it might take a couple of days to complete the cleaning.

         It can take more than one day to clean up a construction site, particularly if a ‘rough’ cleanup is required prior to a ‘fine’ cleanup – sometimes with an inspection in between. It is safer to allocate a few days from the end of construction to the move-in date as a safety cushion. Ask your cleaner for an estimate based on the square footage, floor plans, and ‘as is’ photos of the interior. Ask if they will give you a price quote, including time.


5. Proactive Communication

         It’s crucial to work with a cleaning company that keeps you informed on the job’s progression. With My Cleaning Force, we strive in providing you frequent updates and clear communication. Avoid companies that make assumptions, as that often translates to mistakes. You’ll want the company you hire to do the same. To track how the job is progressing, you may see photos as part of our progress updates.


        In conclusion: It is important to do some research on the businesses you are interested in and see what their customers have to say about their services. That will help you eliminate businesses that will not meet your needs. Any questions feel free to chat directly with our cleaning experts in our chat box, on the right-hand side to the bottom of this page.  You can also check out more of our Post-Construction Cleaning Service.


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