Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service
Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service
August 7, 2022
kids room house cleaning

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A back to school house cleaning plan and tips for your home

kids room house cleaning

         Just as important as back-to-school shopping, there is back-to-school Cleaning. Whether your children were home-schooled, took classes on Zoom, or attended class in person this past spring, you’ll need to determine what to do in your home to prepare for the new school year. Every day there will be a lot of activity at home, mudrooms and entries will be heavily utilized, pantries and kitchens for lunch preparation, closets for clothes, and even particularly the vehicle will be heavily used. You need a cleaning plan, and we are here to explore some of the things you need to start focusing on at home to organize and plan your cleaning.


         Most people have more junk than they need at home, and a few of us have a great deal. Household clutter seems relatively harmless, but to those who feel overwhelmed and out of control, it can create significant problems. Decluttering your home and taking care of the mess is actually a way to take better care of yourself and at the same time help you improve your overall mood.


         Maintaining healthy cleaning habits will help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. From the start of the day with kids getting used to making their own bed, and putting the toilet seat down, healthy cleaning habits must be followed to make cleaning easier. Even the tiniest details can help keep children healthy as they enter a new school year. You can keep children from bringing home germs by using hand sanitizer regularly and talking with them about their new school routine and environment. Taking shoes off before coming inside the house at the door from school and putting on a different pair of sneakers/or sandals is also a good idea to keep the dirt outside your home. The faster your little ones adopt habits that are beneficial to the home’s overall health, the easier it will be to maintain your home as a healthy and clean environment.


         As your children hop from one activity to another, your rugs, carpets, and sofas are bound to collect a lot of dirt, from spilled food and drinks to muddy shoes and clothing. Your soft furnishings is bound to look worse for wear as the new school year begins. If bacteria accumulate on them, they may even begin to smell. With steam cleaning, you can sanitize and clean at the same time. Good steam cleaners are excellent for cleaning all areas of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom, and getting rid of 99.9% of bacteria.



         Taking care of household laundry can be overwhelming if you allow it to pile up. Fortunately, these days we have better equipment, more effective laundry products, and easier care fabrics to help with the task. But laundry still takes time to ensure that everyone in the household has clean clothes, towels, and sheets. Its smart to split the laundry responsibilities with the kids, and it is beneficial for you and your loved ones to know how to do laundry properly. It is the greatest time to begin teaching when children want to do everything you are doing as toddlers. A toddler may bring clothes to the laundromat and even sort them by color. By the time a kid is in fourth grade, they can learn to operate a washer and dryer. The most elementary items include bedding and towels, and the most difficult items include different fabrics and stain removal.



          Or as often as possible (weekly, bi-weekly), you don’t need to clean your whole home in a single day, every day. Focus on one room at a time, and create a manageable list of tasks per day. You may not need to deep clean a room once you have a routine in place. Windows should be cleaned regularly, particularly if you have children or pets who can smudge their surfaces. Aside from making it look neater, clean windows allow more light to come in, which not only kills bacteria but can transform your home by brightening it up.



          Take some time to express (and teach your children) your gratitude for your home. Sometimes, kids tend to take for granted (and us adults also) that they have a temperature-controlled shelter over their heads that stores things like clothes and food to take care of them. Practicing gratitude can make you feel lighter and happier, and you and the kids will more likely be able to accomplish more, too. Take a moment to see your home for its benefits rather than its flaws or features you want to change. Even if your home isn’t your dream home, there are still different things you can find to love about it.


  Short on Time? Get a cleaning Professional!


    Typically, you don’t have enough time or energy after working a full-time job and taking care of your family to clean your house. If you find yourself in such a situation, our cleaning specialists can assist you! Our expert house cleaning specialists at My Cleaning Force are familiar with every kind of flooring and furniture, as well as the most recent cleaning materials. Your residence will be clean and ultimately allow you to save time and do the things that you love!

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