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My Cleaning Force is committed to providing quality, affordable house cleaning services for you and your family.  

standard clean is something that a homeowner does (or should do) regularly to upkeep the cleanliness of their homes. Regular chores, such as vacuuming and mopping the floors, general bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting. In a perfect world that should be the case, but in reality, there is just not enough hours in your busy schedule. This is where My Cleaning Force comes in.  More about: One Time House Cleaning

A deep house clean, is a very thorough and detailed cleaning of your home. We wipe clean all surfaces in the home, including tables, countertops, appliances, chairs, dressers, window sills, sink basins, door knobs and faucets. We spend extra time in the bathroom, cleaning the bathtub, shower, mirrors and toilet. Light fixtures, picture frames and baseboards – we dust them all. In the kitchen area, it includes cleaning of inside of cabinets, fridge & oven.

Working with a deadline to present the home? New tenants moving in? are you moving out and need to clean up the place? We have options for you read more: Move in – Move out Cleaning

My Cleaning Force knows how busy your day-to-day is, which is why we have a recurring cleaning option for you. We have designed a home cleaning service package based on your needs. We have options like once a month home cleaning, weekly and bi-weekly home cleaning.  More about: here:  recurring cleaning .

After every Post-construction renovation or construction plan, your main focus should always be the project itself, instead of worrying about all the time you will spend cleaning up when the project is finished.  More about Post Construction Cleaning

Our reliable and convenient service offered by My Cleaning Force makes life easier for AirBnb apartment owners. For homeowners who use AirBnb and other vacation rental websites, More about: SOUTH FLORIDA AIRBNB & RENTAL CLEANING SERVICES


We always recommend starting your cleaning with a deep clean. A deep cleaning service will take away your house’s deep dirt and grime. It covers areas not usually covered by regular cleaning. Some of the services offered when you hire a deep cleaning for your home include: 



House Cleaning & Sanitation Service

Local Regular Cleaning Service Available For Residential Right Away! We Can Help!

Coming home from work should always be for you to rest, not to come HOME to a second job.
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